Flex Offense

Flex Offense Basketball DVDs for Rent

Learn the flex offense from the best coaches who run the Flex at the college level.  Learn the best way to teach the Flex Offense just like college coaches do.  By watching these great coaches teach the Flex, their drills they run, how they counter defenses, and the small details, you will take your teams Flex Offense to a whole new level. Don't just teach the Flex Pattern - coach basketball by teaching your players how to play offense and make great reads within the Flex so that they aren't just robots running from spot to spot.

How to Master the Flex Offense Basketball Offense

Rent various Flex Offense DVDs to see the different ways different coaches run the Flex Offense.  You'll see all the drills coaches use to teach the Flex Offense Basketball as well as how to counter different defenses.  You'll be able to make the necessary adjustments no matter how your opponent tries to defend the Flex.

You can rent DVDs that teach Quick Hitters into the Flex so you give the Flex a different look from the start.  You can also learn what to do vs sagging defenses and learn new versions of the Flex like the Argentina & Hybrid Flex Offenses.  So if you play teams that know exactly what you are going to do and want to out smart the other coach next time, rent several Flex DVDs and the other coach will leave the gym with their head spinning.

The Flex Offense Basketball can be a very effective offense but don't settle for just running it teach the Flex.