Breaking the Press

Basketball Press Break Offense Videos

One test you will have to pass as a basketball team is the ability to break a full court or half court press. There are various ways to break a press but no matter how you start the press break it will always end up needing these:

  1. Ball Side Sideline player
  2. Player in the middle
  3. Deep Diagonal player
  4. Player to reverse the ball to

Having players in these positions will keep the spacing on the floor good and give you your best chance to beat the press. Some coaches will start with 1,2,3 or 5 players up. No matter how you start your players you should end up in the configuration above.

Being a good press break team comes from developing players that can catch, pass, pivot, and use ball fakes. Just because you put players in a press break formation doesn’t mean they will be able to do it. You need to spend time in practice working with them passing under pressure and traps. Don’t let your players take unnecessary dribbles when breaking the press. The best way to beat the press is by passing the ball.

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Be patient vs the press. If you reverse the basketball even just one time it will usually be enough to find the defense out of position and make breaking the press much easier.

That’s a key to the press – having composure. That comes from understanding where the other offensive players will be and how to pivot, ball fake, and make use of the dribble vs. tough defensive pressure. Don’t settle for just breaking the press but try to score off the press. Attack pressure and make the defense pay by scoring.

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