Ball Handling & Dribbling

Basketball Dribbling Drills DVDs for Rent

Dribbling the basketball is the most important skill to develop so you can get from one spot on the floor to the other. Good dribblers can handle tough defensive pressure and get where they want to go on the court without having to rely on other players. Players need to be a threat to attack the basket and being able the handle the basketball allows players to do that.

Every coach needs the player who can bring the basketball up the court vs. defensive pressure so players need to work on 1 on 1 full court dribbling drills to get used to the pressure of a defender.

There are many types of ball handling and basketball dribbling drills players can do. One ball drills use just one basketball but you can easily turn them into two ball dribbling drills by adding another ball. Some trainers and coaches incorporate tennis balls into dribbling drills to further enhance hand eye coordination and to add an advanced challenge.

The Best Basketball Dribbling Drills & Workouts

Ganon Baker and Micah Lancaster each have several basketball dribbling drills DVDs you can rent that along with other top coaches. There are many different drills that can be done to improve your dribbling skills.

Ball Handling drills are different than dribbling drills typically in the sense that you are doing more ball wraps with the basketball around your body.

For example, wrapping the ball around your waist, knees, or head are typically the 3 areas to wrap the basketball around. Ball handling drills help players develop quicker and stronger hands. This allows them to grasp the basketball with strength and not have it easily knocked away by a defender. Ball Handling drills are usually easier to do than dribbling drills so players can develop confidence with the basketball quicker. They also learn the feel of the basketball and how to keep it away from the defense.

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