(Rental)-Dustin Kerns Favorite Basketball Drills

  • (Rental)-Dustin Kerns Favorite Basketball Drills
  • Dustin Kerns Favorite Basketball Drills by Dustin Kerns Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
  • (Rental)-Dustin Kerns Favorite Basketball Drills
  • Dustin Kerns Favorite Basketball Drills by Dustin Kerns Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Enhance your team's individual and defensive skills as well as transition defense.

    • Practice drills that simulate actions to prepare your players for any opponent
    • Learn the principles and concepts to help you create a lock-down defense
    • You will learn 1-on-1 drills to help you defend in a variety of ways.

    Appalachian State's head coach Dustin Kerns is known for his toughness and dedication to the program. The Mountaineers have won 35 games and reached the 2021 NCAA Tournament because of their tough defense. This video features Coach Kerns' favorite drills, which give his players confidence and make them ready to face any opponent.

    Warm Up Drills

    It is difficult to get players ready for practice. Coach Kerns uses video footage and diagrams to help open practice. He also walks you through some of the warm up drills that they use every day.

    Splitting players allows for more court space and less time. While some players warm up and stretch, others will work on ball handling and passing skills. Grand Prairie Passing will have your players moving up and down the court as they improve their communication skills, passing skills, and transition offense. The clock is ticking and players must race to make 38-41 points in order to move the ball quickly.

    Offensive Concepts and Drills

    Breakdown drills are a great way of teaching how to build your offense. Coach Kerns shows you how to use video footage to demonstrate some of the drills that you can use in your offensive system.

    The How Many Actions drill requires players to use their offense's actions and attempt to complete as many as possible in 30 seconds. This drill is a great addition to your arsenal. Athletes use different ball screens in Team Shooting to create scoring angles. Kerns uses a basic defensive transition drill to make Open Transition an offensive drill. He focuses on speed and transitions and pushes the pace. These drills can be used to enhance your players' experience, and allow them to feel the game more than if they were running a scripted offense.

    Drills and Defensive Concepts

    Defense wins championships by emphasizing defense. Coach Kerns shares his top defensive drills which have helped his team stay competitive in a difficult Sun Belt Conference.

    Kerns shows how to play 1v1 at different locations so that players can learn how to defend all areas of the court. This drill is great for teaching how to stop a dynamic player from attacking the rim of a screen, or stopping a good shooter from coming from different screens. The 3v3 Closeout game is played in a traditional 3v3 environment, with 12-15 seconds remaining. The defense must defend the pick & roll mid-game and any other actions that are taken away from the ball.

    Coach Kerns shows Sequences how players can defend their opponent's favourite actions. This drill is great to use at practice and the beginning of the season to prepare your players to defend any action.

    Focused practice drills are essential to the development of your program. This Coach Kerns video will inspire you. It uses both footage and diagrams to show how to have a great practice.

    55 minutes. 2021.

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