(Rental)-Duke Basketball: Quick Hitting Actions For Motion Offense

  • (Rental)-Duke Basketball: Quick Hitting Actions For Motion Offense
  • Duke Basketball: Quick Hitting Actions For Motion Offense by Christopher Collins Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Duke Basketball: Quick Hitting Actions for Motion Offense

    Current Northwestern head coach Chris Collins spent over a decade as an assistant at Duke, where he played in college, learning the ins and outs of the Blue Devils’ highly effective, quick-hitting offense. In this video, Collins shares 10 different actions. They are fast-paced, short executions based on a quick read of a defense. One initial read can result in up to ten different options for a total of over 50 scoring opportunities.

    Each action set is based on the initial pass from the point guard. There is no set pattern of passes or any repetitive movements in these actions. This is to ensure that the defense has no time to get set and cannot predict what your team is going to do next. After the initial pass, there will be four to six options available to create a scoring opportunity. Collins presents 10 fundamentally sound and strong movements that is sure to improve your team’s overall play.

    • Wide and Corner: Attack the defense by passing ahead in transition. Both Wide and Corner attack a defense before it has time to set up and offer support with help defenders.
    • Exchange and Shallow: A dribble entry to the wing initiates both of these actions that are used to counter aggressive wing denial. Hand offs and ball screens force the defense to scramble on the weak side.
    • Release and Flash: When defenses overplay guards, get the posts involved in these actions. Back cuts and post flashes take advantage of vulnerable defenses that attempt to pressure guards.
    • Through and Circle: These sets prevent your team from standing around using movement to create passing and scoring opportunities.
    • Up and Down: These sets occupy defenders and encourage a quick ball reversal which can lead to scoring opportunities. Both sets force action on the weak side with screens.

    With the number of options available in these actions, you should be able to find something that you can use and build into your own offense. With minimal effort, you can easily modify any of Coach Collins’ actions and suit them to fit the strengths of your individual players.

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