(Rental)-Drills to Build Your Man to Man Defense

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  • (Rental)-Drills to Build Your Man to Man Defense
  • Drills to Build Your Man to Man Defense by Chris Holtman Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Chris Holtmann has built a career around playing outstanding man-to-man defense. The Ohio State head coach breaks down some of his best defensive drills in this on-court video. You will see some of the drills that Holtmann uses to prepare his players to compete at the highest level of college basketball. The presentation starts with what Holtmann calls his “Defensive MUSTs”.

    Defensive MUSTS

    Coach Holtmann has his own MUSTS and encourages coaches to come up with their own. His are:

    • Set the defense: stress the importance of getting back and not allowing easy transition offense
    • Protect the paint: obviously, don’t allow easy attempts in the paint
    • Make them earn it: defense must work continuously to ensure success
    • Challenge everything: opponents’ shot percentages will go down if your team commits to this
    • All five commit to rebounding: limit your opponent to one shot

    Closeout Drills

    The closeout has to be mastered in order for the defense to be successful. Coach Holtmann presents three drills that work on different aspects of the closeout. You’ll see the Majerus Closeout Drill and the Zig Zag Drill. He then gets into scouting opponents and how to prepare for closing out certain players.

    Help-Side & Post Defense Drills

    One of the most important aspects of great defense is working on the help side. You will see a drill that teaches player how to defend the post from the ball side. Another drill works on jumping to the ball, defending cutters, closing out, and rebounding all in a 3-on-3 setting. Again, he incorporates a scouting report and how to defend based upon it.

    Ball Screen Defense

    With today’s offenses built around the ball screen, it’s imperative that defenses know how to defend. Holtmann shares a continuous ball screen coverage drill where players work on any type of ball screen in a 4-on-4 setting. He also gets into what players can do when an opponent rejects a screen or tries to split a screen.

    Great man-to-man defense is one way to ensure your team is competitive in every game. Coach Holtmann gives you the drills you need to excel on defense at any level.

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