(Rental)-Drills That Develop Skills

  • (Rental)-Drills That Develop Skills
  • Drills That Develop Skills by Pat Clatchey Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Drills that Develop Skills

    One of the keys to success as a basketball coach is having players that are fundamentally sound. Players must have the ability to execute the most basic basketball skills. If they can do so at a high level, coaches have a great chance for success.

    Pat Clatchey has had great success as the head coach at Mount St. Joseph’s (MD) High School in Baltimore. Clatchey has won over 700 career games and owns numerous Maryland Interscholastic Athletic Association Coach of the Year awards. In this video, Coach Clatchey shares a number of drills that help develop fundamentally sound basketball players.

    Warm Up Drills

    Instead of traditional stretching, Coach Clatchey likes to use drills that incorporate basketball movements. This is how he gets players ready for practice. Players work on basic fundamentals like dribbling in the warm ups. This is how players can become comfortable using either hand.

    Ball Handling Drills

    Coach Clatchey shares five drills that not only work to improve ball handling, but they also help to increase court awareness, improve passing, and improve catching. Players work on dribble moves and finishing at the rim. They also learn how to read defenses and how to use screens correctly when attacking the defense. All of Coach Clatchey’s drills help to develop athletes into well-rounded basketball players.

    Shooting & Footwork Drills

    Proper footwork is a key to increasing a player’s skill level. Coach Clatchey works on footwork drills and competitive shooting drills in which he emphasizes proper footwork. Through repetition, players can improve and become the best possible player they can be.

    Coach Clatchey also introduces stress to players to ensure they can operate under stress. The Win-Lose-Overtime Drill and 1-on-1 Live Drill are two that you will see where players work on fundamental skills but in a game-like situation.

    This DVD offers you 14 different drills that will help your players develop their skill set. It has worked for Coach Clatchey, who has produced 25 Division I basketball players. Rent this basketball drills DVD today.

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