(Rental)-Drills For Building Your Man To Man Defense

  • (Rental)-Drills For Building Your Man To Man Defense
  • Drills For Building Your Man To Man Defense by Fran Fraschilla Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Drills for Building Your Man-to-Man Defense

    Former Division 1 head coach and current ESPN International Basketball analyst Fran Fraschilla shows you a logical, systematic way to build your defense. It’s a progressive method of building your man-to-man defense through practice drills.

    Coach Fraschilla has studied the game of basketball for decades and has put together a comprehensive guided on how to play man-to-man defense. If you are looking for a presentation on exactly how to play man-to-man defense, this is not it. Coach Fraschilla focuses more on philosophy and building a program. He guides you through the principles and philosophy of building a program which will influence the way you think about and teach your man-to-man defense.

    In his presentation, Coach Fraschilla outlines four points of emphasis that all man-to-man defenses must incorporate:

    • Ball pressure
    • No splits
    • Closeout and contest
    • Finish the possession

    You will see six practice drills where you can put all of the defensive principles, strategies, and tactics to work. To work on defending dribble penetration, staggered action, and defending screens; Fraschilla uses 4-on-4 drills. These drills can be modified to create other shell drill variations such as:

    • A 3-man series drill that helps prepare for opponents’ screening actions early in the season
    • Drills that will progressively build man-to-man principals using 4-on-4 and 3-on-3 half-court demonstrations

    Coach Fraschilla’s presentation using progressive build up drills will get you to think about your own man-to-man principles. This video is perfect for young coaches looking to build a foundation or for veteran coaches looking to improve their overall man-to-man defense philosophy.

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