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  • Drew Hanlen Pure Sweat Skill Development Basketball DVD
  • Drew Hanlen: Pure Sweat Skill Development by Drew Hanlen Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Drew Hanlen Pure Sweat Skill Development

    Drew Hanlen is widely regarded as the premier skill development trainer in basketball today. He has worked with more than 25 players that have reached the NBA. As CEO of Pure Sweat Basketball, Hanlen realizes that it isn’t enough to just hold open gym sessions in the summer months to help players improve skills.

    In this Drew Hanlen Pure Sweat Basketball video, Hanlen takes you through a highly detailed workout that will improve your team’s skill level. He covers 150 teaching points and includes drills for both individuals and the team that work on passing, dribbling, defense, and, of course, shooting. Coach Hanlen will show you how to adapt the drills to make them more competitive and enjoyable.

    Dribbling Drills

    Coach Hanlen’s dribbling segment features drills that teach game-like moves. You will see two drills that work on playing through contact – Own the Spot and Four Zones. Both drills help improve a player’s ability and confidence in dribbling around the most intense defenders. Players learn to protect the ball while being contacted by defenders when dribbling and attacking the rim.

    Passing & Shooting

    The next segment deals with efficient passing and shooting drills. The drills incorporate using pin down screens to get open looks. Coach Hanlen breaks down the elements of proper shooting, including the five keys that will improve a player’s shooting percentage. You will see examples of bad shooting habits and the drills Coach Hanlen uses to correct them.

    Defense Drills

    Coach Hanlen includes a series of competitive defensive drills to ensure players become well-rounded two-way players. These drills maximize a player’s ability to play outstanding on-ball defense. Included here is post defense and post development drills.

    Team Drills

    Coach Hanlen’s presentation ends with a segment on team drills. You will see a full-court drill that combines many of the individual skills practiced earlier. Players must work on passing, dribbling, catch-and-shoot, rebounding, and more in a continuous team drill.

    This is an outstanding skill development presentation delivered by one of the best in the business. You will find many valuable drills with teaching points that any coach can use in any program at any level. Help your program reach its potential with Coach Hanlen’s skill development workout. Rent this Drew Hanlen Pure Sweat Basketball DVD today.

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