(Rental)-Disadvantage Drills For Building Your Team

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    Disadvantage Drills for Building Your Team

    Disadvantage situations often arise in basketball games and it pays to have players that understand how to make decisions in those situations. Legendary high school coach Frank Allocco shares his practice secrets related to disadvantage situations to help prepare players for those game situations.

    Allocco is the only coach in California history to take two different schools to state championships. He won 87 percent of his games and won a national coach of the year award in 2000. In this video, he shows you how you can teach your players to make better decisions and become more confident in disadvantage situations.

    Coach Allocco shares the following in his presentation:

    • Disadvantage drills to help young players play better and become better decision makers in pressure situations
    • Strategies to teach players how to get rid of the basketball before getting trapped or double-teamed
    • Techniques to help players draw defenders to them in order to create shots for teammates
    • Suggestions for teaching players to get open without the ball
    • Drills that teach players to be strong with the ball
    • Techniques that show players how to attack and turn defensive pressure into an offensive advantage
    • Strategies to teach players to welcome the idea that everything is against them

    Using on-court demonstration, Coach Alloco shows you basic drills in a disadvantage situation. His ball handling drills teach players to create space and attack. In offensive disadvantage drills, players learn to be strong with the ball. Defensive disadvantage drills teach key ideas like competition and communication.

    One of the highlights of the presentation is the 2-on-1 build up to 5-on-5 back down to 2-on-1 drill. The drill forces athletes to communicate as players move on and off the court. Conditioning is also a factor as players play nine straight possessions.

    Coach Alloco’s drills are great for coaches looking for drills that force players to compete. Plus, players will become more confident in disadvantage situations.

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