(Rental)-Developing The "rock" In Your Game: 54 Intense

  • (Rental)-Developing The "rock" In Your Game: 54 Intense
  • Developing The "rock" In Your Game: 54 Intense by Ganon Baker Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    54 Ball Handling Drills with Ganon Baker

    54 great ball handling drills to master. Developing elite ball handling skills is the foundation of every great players game. This DVD offers you the chance to learn from perhaps the best in the business when it comes to training basketball players on their ball handling. Gannon Baker is world known for not just his own ball handling skills but also his ability to teach it. He will blow you away with his energy, charisma, and work ethic which will set an incredible tone for all of your workouts. The DVD offers a total of 54 unique ball handling drills in one of the most comprehensive catalog of drills on the market today.

    Ball Handling Drills Demonstrated at the Highest Level

    Baker does a tremendous job of teaching correct form, technique, speed, intensity, and progression of each drill. He does this by demonstrating himself along with having volunteers at different ages and skills levels demonstrate with him. This DVD will show you the moves and work ethic necessary to drastically improve your game regardless of what skill level you are currently playing with. Ganon Baker challenges you to work harder than you have ever worked along with requiring you to get out of your comfort zone and push yourself. These are concepts that go beyond just ball handling and can improve your game in all areas.

    This might be the most comprehensive DVD that Ganon Baker has ever done so do yourself a favor and rent this DVD today. Rent this Ball Handling Drills DVD today.

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