(Rental)-Developing The Complete High School Player

  • (Rental)-Developing The Complete High School Player
  • Developing The Complete High School Player by Frank Allocco Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Frank Allocco: Developing High School Basketball Player

    Frank Allocco is the only high school coach in the state of California to take two different programs to state championships. In this video, he goes into detail on how to develop players so they can compete at the highest levels of high school basketball or even move on to the college level.

    Coach Allocco’s philosophy of “More Reps, No Regrets” is evident throughout his group and individual development drills. Allocco believes players need to maximize reps through their high school careers in order to develop. Through the course of the video, you will see drills that teach proper form and technique for dribbling, shooting, attack the rim, and more. Other drills teach using angles and footwork, one-on-one moves from the triple-threat position, and how to be a more effective player off the catch.

    Group Development Series

    Coach Allocco’s team drills are competitive, energetic, and fun. They help to promote high levels of intensity while players develop their skills. These drills include:

    • Two-Ball Dribbling to work on concentration and dexterity
    • One-Hand Form Shooting to teach form, technique, and work on appropriate range
    • Box Shooting Series teaches players to shoot from a variety of positions

    Individual Perimeter Moves

    Post players and guards must have a complete game and that includes the ability to get to the rim from the perimeter. Coach Allocco demonstrates:

    • Using jabs, faints, and fakes to get a defender off balance for a one-second window of opportunity

    • Using moves like jab and shoot, jab and go, and more to build a catalog of effective moves
    • Drills like 1-on-1 from half-court, 1-on-1 from the top of the circle, and 1-on-1 from the wing to develop an array of moves

     Individual Post Moves

    In developing the complete game, posts and guards must learn the hook shot, the jump hook, the drop step move on the baseline, and a turnaround jump shot. Allocco teaches players the “catch, chin, and check it” technique to develop good habits before making post moves.

    The drills you see in this video have helped Coach Allocco prepare and develop over 50 players that have gone on to play in college. Use them to help your players progress to the next level. Rent this Developing High School Basketball Player DVD today.

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