(Rental)-Developing Perimeter Players

  • (Rental)-Developing Perimeter Players
  • Developing Perimeter Players by Bob Hurley Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Bob Hurley: Developing Perimeter Players

    Perimeter players must possess a wide range of skills. Developing those skills is the specialty of Bob Hurley, long-time head coach at St. Anthony’s High School (NJ) where he won 27 state parochial championships and three USA Today national titles. Coach Hurley won two National Coach of the Year awards (1989, 1996) and has over 1,000 career victories to his credit. The man knows basketball and in this video he shares his philosophy on developing quality perimeter players.

    The presentation is done in an on-court format where Coach Hurley takes you through 11 different drills. These drills help perimeter players master skills like shooting the 3-pointer, driving to the basket and finishing with either hand, and passing the basketball. Hurley also likes perimeter players to develop a solid mid-range jump shot and incorporates drills to do just that.

    Each of the 11 drills serves multiple purposes. Players are able to work on multiple skills within the context of one drill. The drills include such skills as shooting, ball handling, passing, rebounding, and defense. Included in the presentation are the following:

    • 2-on-0 Full Court Warm-up (6 parts)
    • 5-3-1 Shooting (includes shooting, ball handling, and individual defense)
    • Curl-Pop-Fade (shooting while reading the defense coming off a screen)
    • 3-Man Shooting (3-shot drill off a pick and roll situation)
    • Passing Tag
    • Half-court 3-on-3 (competitive games)
    • Pitino 1-on-1 (conditioning and shooting)
    • Drexel 1-on-1 (individual offense and defense)
    • Dribbling Routine (7-part routine working on a variety of dribbling moves)
    • Steve Nash Shooting Routine (Breakdown of the 20-minute workout while adding a few extra shot moves)
    • Thirty and a Half (shooting drill to finish the workout)

    Coach Hurley’s perimeter player drills stress fundamentals and building upon those fundamentals so they become natural at game speed. If you are looking for a method to improving your perimeter play, use Coach Hurley’s ideas, concepts, and drills in your program.

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