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  • Developing Perimeter Players: Drills for Skills by Travis Steele Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Perimeter Player Drills - Developing Perimeter Players: Drills for Skills

    For ten seasons, Travis Steele served as an assistant coach at Xavier where the Musketeers went to the NCAA tournament eight times. That included a run to the Elite Eight in 2017. Now the head coach at Xavier, Steele shares his secrets to developing perimeter players. Having learned under a variety of successful coaches, Steele shows you how to create an effective individual perimeter player workout.


    During his tenure at Xavier, Coach Steele has been directly involved in helping to create a culture of winning. He understands how to set the tone for players to develop into the best versions of themselves on the court. Having a plan and working within it, Steele has gained the trust of his players who buy into each and every workout and each and every drill. By sticking to the plan, players achieve their goals.

    Developing the Perimeter Player Workout

    Coach Steele builds an element of competition into his workouts. This helps players set the tone for each other at any given workout. The drills begin with form shooting and continue into a larger shooting warm up. Ball handling is next and then comes triangle shooting where players compete to beat their scores from the previous day’s workout.

    The perimeter player drills then shift to shooting on the move and then finish with a teaching segment where players apply their skills in 1-on-1 competitive drills. Doing so has been one of the keys to the success of the Xavier program over the last decade.

    Perimeter Player Drills

    Commando is a dribbling drill where players learn to handle the ball in tight spaces as they work from the baseline to the elbow and back. The great players are the ones that learn to play in straight lines rather than go to where defenses dictate. The Commando Drill helps players move in straight lines and work on different moves to get around defenders.

    The Two-Ball Command Drill works on dribbling on the move. Players use two basketballs instead of one and focus on dribbling with their head up to see the open floor. As they dribble, they are staying alert and ready for a coach’s command.

    Coach Steele’s 56-minute video demonstrates his plan and attention to detail when it comes to putting together a workout. Steele’s system of developing perimeter players is based on creating a culture of competition and it works! Rent this perimeter player drills for basketball DVD today.

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