(Rental)-Developing Guards For The Ball Screen Offense

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  • (Rental)-Developing Guards For The Ball Screen Offense
  • Developing Guards For The Ball Screen Offense by Danny Manning Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Developing Guards for the Ball Screen Offense

    Learn to properly develop your guards for the ball screen offense from one of the game’s great players of all-time. Danny Manning, former star at Kansas and now the head coach at Wake Forest, shows you how to develop your perimeter players to play in the ball screen offense. Using on-court demonstrations, Coach Manning presents detailed explanations of proper footwork, screening angles, and attacks needed to develop your guards coming off of ball screens.

    Guard Play

    In an effective ball screen offense, ball handlers are required to do four things. They must have the ability to turn the corner, split a ball screen, refuse a ball screen, and stay out of potential trapping situation. Watch as Coach Manning uses a series of 2-on-2 drills to teach guards how to beat the different defensive looks played against on-ball screens.

    In this segment, Manning presents a method of attack for each scenario. These scenarios include:

    • Getting around the edge
    • Splitting the defense
    • Beat a trap
    • Refusing a ball screen
    • Two dribble finishes
    • Pick-and –Pop

    Screen Angles

    Screen angles are important in the ball screen offense and Coach Manning demonstrates five different angles that can be used in the half-court offense. The Middle Attack Pick, for example, is used to set up players to get around the edge of a defense. The Side Angle Screen opens up opportunities to get into the paint for easy scoring chances.

    For each angle, Manning begins the teaching process in a 2-on-0 and then progresses to 2-on-2. He emphasizes helping players understand reads as they come off of a screen. This helps to improve players’ basketball IQ and, in the end, produce more wins.

    Court Awareness

    Manning also spends some time helping to develop guards’ skills both on and off the screen. To develop court awareness, Coach Manning runs odd numbered shooting drills. These drills work on kick outs and the ‘catch and go.’ Players also work on pivoting with both feet, a lost art in modern basketball. Players also work on shooting off the dribble, jab steps, and shot fakes.

    If you are looking for a way to develop your perimeter players into offensive forces using the pick-and-roll, this 47-minute video from two-time NCAA champion Danny Manning is the way to start.

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