(Rental)-Defending Ball Screens in Basketball

  • (Rental)-Defending Ball Screens in Basketball
  • Defending Ball Screens in Basketball by Jack Owens Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Use to cover a range of screen situations and not give up the easy baskets!

    • React to any ball screen that is set higher than or lower than the 3-point arc and neutralize it
    • Your screen coverage for the ball should be adjusted based on the types of players.
    • Learn how to use "jammer", "safety", and other players to limit your opponentÕs ability to pitch the ball ahead of you in transition

    Jack Owens discusses in this video the goals and objectives of transition defense. Owens explains ball screen coverages as he moves from transition defense to half-court defense. These half-court coverages can be used to disrupt your opponent's offense goals.

    Transition & Half Court Defense

    Transition defense is where Coach Owens starts. If your team does not have a strong transition defense, they could lose too many points. To do this, you must establish positional responsibilities. Owens has two main roles: safety and the jammer. Owens demonstrates how to practice these roles in practice. This will allow your team play a full defense of 94 feet, which will reduce the need for transition layups or rhythm threes.

    Coach Owens then builds into the half-court with complete denial up to the first pass. He then shows the team a sample drill and emphasizes the importance of communication.

    Ball Screen Defense

    Owens ends his discussion with a detailed discussion about ball screens on the half court. As the game evolves, ball screen defense is becoming more important. Coach Owens breaks down each screen and explains how to defend them.

    This video will provide all the details you need to succeed in full court and half-court defense. Your opponents will have fits if you don't follow the instructions for covering the ball screen.

    58 minutes. 2022.

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