(Rental)-Dan Majerle: Transition Offense & Set Plays

  • (Rental)-Dan Majerle: Transition Offense & Set Plays
  • Dan Majerle: Transition Offense & Set Plays by Dan Majerle Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Transition Offense and Set Plays

    Former Grand Canyon University head coach Dan Majerle drew on his experience in the NBA to develop an offensive system that can work at any level. In this video, you will see over 30 plays that Majerle used to score quickly in transition or in the half-court offense. You will learn how to space the floor properly in an effort to get quality scoring opportunities from all over the court.

    Transition on Misses

    Majerle demonstrates four plays to show you how to score in transition off of a missed shot. You’ll see multiple pick and rolls with incredible floor spacing using the “Drag” option. This can also be used in the “21/31” play where ball screens are used with your other guards.

    “22/32” uses off-ball screens to pressure on the rim with cutters. “Push” creates confusion for the defense with handoffs and screening actions plus the weak side hammer screen option.

    You will also see how to create a mismatch with a bigger guard versus defenses that try to switch on all their screens.

    Transition on Makes

    Majerle shows you 10 additional plays off of made baskets. Both “Oklahoma” and “Oklahoma Touch” use a double drag screen with secondary screening actions to free up a post that can shoot from outside.

    The Rub series has three plays that create scoring opportunities with a quick screen away for a trailing big man. Each play in the series delivers a nice variation to the main ball screen.

    “Cut” is a great way to get the ball inside using a screen-the-screener action. “Open” really confuses defenses with simultaneous cutting and dribble-handoff actions. The “Chin” series gives you clean layups off back screens.

    Half-Court Sets

    Coach Majerle shows you 18 different plays to run in the half-court offense via his “Floppy” and “Loop” series. There are 10 plays initiated from floppy action that create high-low post feeds, off-ball screens to open shooters, and much more.

    You will see how you can align against teams that like to front the post player. Loop creates guard movement from a 1-4 high set to get defenders chasing before they get slammed with a ball screen or other action. Loop can set up a lob pass to your guards, open up perimeter shots, and more.

    In this video, you will see a large portion of Coach Majerle’s playbook. It’s a playbook that helped him transition the Grand Canyon program into Division I and one that produces plenty of scoring actions. Rent this transition offense DVD today.

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