(Rental)-Critical Keys to Early Offense & Successful ATOs

  • (Rental)-Critical Keys to Early Offense & Successful ATOs
  • Critical Keys to Early Offense & Successful ATOs by Kelvin Sampson Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Immediately Increase your team's offensive efficiency by using successful strategies from one the most respected coaches in the game!

    • To allow your best scorers the chance to attack the rim, learn how to use step up screens and include "Boom Action".
    • Teach your players how to use a 4-out setup for proper spacing and relocation techniques, so they can drive and attack it.
    • You can see ready-to-install, highly efficient quick-hitters that will help you pick the best player and post player from your hammer set.

    Your opponents will feel a lot more pressure if you score early in your offense. Simple actions can be taken to open up your best player, especially in transition. This creates separation which leads to high-percentage baskets. These are the priorities Kelvin Sampson, University of Houston's head men's coach, tries to instill in his offensive systems every time he goes down the court.

    Sampson discusses some of his most effective offensive strategies. He also offers several difficult-to-defend early actions the Cougars used to generate one the best offenses. This video includes an overview of how teams defend pick-and-rolls and creative ways to create spacing within half-court sets.

    Defending Pick-And-Rolls and Creating Space Offensively

    Sampson explains how pick-and-roll defenses are handled by most teams and how his time as a coach in the NBA has influenced the way he wants his college teams. The Cougars coach shows how to influence a ball handler's weak hand in a 5-on-5 court setting and where rotations and defensive help would be most effective. He offers guidance on defensive terminology, and explains how to keep defenses consistent with ball-screen coverages.

    This informative explanation about defending pick-and roll actions is a great transition to a fantastic session on spacing on offense. Sampson explains why spacing matters offensively and how to get players to grasp the concept. Sampson demonstrates how to space players in half-court. He also offers key coaching points to maximize drive-and-kick chances. He also explains how to teach relocating towards the post on drives.

    "Hammer & Boom", Early Actions, plus 4-Out, 1-In Quick Hitters

    Sampson shows his team's early actions, "Hammer Action," and "Boom Action," and he also demonstrates how to use curl cuts and double-screens to create wide-open layups. Sampson shows a secondary pindown action to get the ball to the post players. This puts heavy pressure on the defense and forces them to stop at the rim.

    Sampson shows you a 4-out, 1-in set play that creates space and uses positioning and movements to make sure your actions don't result in a quick bucket. One example shows viewers that interchanging guards on one side of the floor keeps the help-side defenses in motion and allows offenses access to the other side.

    In this informative, fast-paced clinic video, Sampson takes viewers on an offensive thrill drive. These on-court sessions demonstrate quick hitters and early actions that are difficult to defend, but easy to teach. These flexible offenses can be added to your half-court offense playbook, which allows you to catch defenses while they are asleep and gives you more easy buckets.

    79 minutes. 2022.

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