(Rental)-Competitive Practice Drills for Skill Development

  • (Rental)-Competitive Practice Drills for Skill Development
  • Competitive Practice Drills for Skill Development by Chris Holtman Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Include competitive drills in your daily practice routine to improve your team's skill and conditioning.

    • Competitive Skill-Development Drills include a box passing drill, 4-on-3 Competitive Passing Drill and Halo Passing Drill. These drills will increase your team's field-goal percentage.
    • Build your defense through a series of Defensive Drills, such as: a variety of Closeout Drills, a "Jumping-to-the-Ball" Drill, Wall Ups, Tunnel Drives and an excellent Ball-Screen Gauntlet Drill!
    • Combine Offensive and defensive drills to create a multi-purpose workout that will improve critical skills and build superior conditioning.

    Chris Holtmann is a well-known collegiate coach who has a reputation for building solid, hard-nosed teams that are filled with mentally tough, skilled players. This video is jam-packed with his top skill-development drills. He shares them with you as a 2018 Big Ten Coaches of the Year. They can be used every day in your practices to improve your offensive and defensive skills.

    Game-Like Situations

    Holtmann talks about the importance of creating a winning basketball culture by daily practice. He focuses on fundamental offensive skills, such as passing and shooting, and does so with high intensity and game-like conditions.

    Particularly, the game-like passing drills emphasize the importance of maintaining the safety of the basketball under duress.

    Rebounding Work , Defense

    Holtmann's defensive emphasis segment focuses on his top defensive drills as well as rebounding drills. These drills are all easily adaptable to any basketball coach's practice program, no matter what defensive system they use. This section includes a variety drills that are close to the ball, such as "Wall-Ups," "Tunnel-Drives Drill", and "Wall-Ups." There is also a tough-nosed gauntlet for the ball-screen, as well as an NBA Rebounding Drill.

    Holtmann's favorite drills, which he emphasizes on the defensive side of the game, are the ones he uses year after year to strengthen his defense. These drills are also competitive and include conditioning work that helps to build mental and physical toughness.

    This video is great for all coaches, regardless of their level of competition. This video is a great "Fundamentals 101Ó lesson that every coach should see. This video is great for advanced programs. It can be used as a refresher course in fundamentals to allow players to refocus and correct teams that drift from their primary focus.

    53 minutes. 2022.

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