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  • competitive basketball drills to develop players
  • Competitive Drills to Improve Your Program by Steve Schmidt Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Competitive Basketball Drills to Improve Your Program

    Comprehenisve Competitive Basketball Drills! If you struggle with practice organization or finding drills that help your program develop, four-time national champion head coach Steve Schmidt has the answers for you. Coach Schmidt has over 700 wins at Mott Community College in Michigan and is the winningest active coach at the junior college level.

    With four national junior college titles under his belt, Coach Schmidt provides you with a number of practice ideas that you can incorporate directly into your program. He will also share with you over 15 of his favorite competitive basketball drills that will accelerate the skill development of your players. From rebounding drills to competitive team drills, Coach Schmidt has everything you need to improve your program.

    Ball Handling Drills

    Coach Schmidt gives you four ball handling drills that you can use in a variety of ways. Most importantly, these ball handling drills teach your players to dribble effectively with both hands. A warm-up drill incorporates stretching along with handling the basketball. You will see a dribbling drill that simulates game action and another that you can use as a conditioning drill. The fourth drill is a simple scissors drill to work on handling the ball.

    Passing Drills

    If there is one fundamental that gets lost in today’s basketball practices, it is the art of passing. Coach Schmidt presents a series of drills that work on breaking a press with a diagonal pass, defensive slide passing, and the full-court pass that results in a layup. These drills will not only improve your team’s passing, but also the ability to catch the basketball.

    Rebounding Drills

    According to Schmidt, rebounding is the most difficult of all basketball skills to teach. Coach takes you through four drills that address both the fundamentals of rebounding and the competitive, physical nature of the skill. One of Coach Schmidt’s favorite drills is the “3 and Out” which helps players with not only their rebounding but offensive and defensive skills as well. The drill also forces players to compete for an extended period of time.

    Defense Drills

    Defense is fundamental to successful basketball and Coach Schmidt teaches three drills to help players with their footwork and technique. The 50 Drill is not a favorite of players, but it forces them to get into a good stance and practice good footwork. The H.I.T. drill challenges your defense’s Heart, Intensity, and Toughness. The final segment of the series ends with a 2-on-2 drill which helps players understand proper positioning.

    Offense Drills

    Game-like situations are best according to Coach Schmidt and he enjoys putting his players in competitive situations. The 7 and Out drill helps players is a fun way for players to work on your offensive concepts. Southern Indiana is another 1-on-1 offensive drill that helps players work together for a united cause. This 73-minute video contains everything you need to develop players in your program and put you on the road to success. Rent this competitive basketball drills DVD today.

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