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    He has a very high win percentage throughout his career. This is seen in his two undefeated seasons by which the 30-0 streak in 2003 stands out quite prominently. He has one run in the Roses championship. Throughout his career, he has about 284 career wins in the fifteen seasons which he was actively involved in. he is the one who established and is currently the director of the QBI which stands for the Quality Basketball Camps.


    For most lower level basketball teams and leagues, the defence zone can be described as an instrument which is used regularly on the field to increase the understanding of the game which is shown by the players. The wheel offence is such a good tool on the field due to the various advantages which it gives. One such advantage is that the players would have a lot of scoring chances suddenly opened up to them. The coach Nick due to his experience which spans over 15 years in offence is competent enough to explain how the wheel offence can be done in this video.

    To help demonstrate how this set or drill is being played, the coach decides to use a white board and on-court descriptions to drive him his point. The first thing he does is to make sure you know the importance of the wheel offence and why it is so important when being used to unlock the zone defence tactics. Then post players in your team when using the wheel offence would be the one to create the chances which are meant to lead to a scoring chance for the guards who are already well positioned.

    The coach helps people watching the video to understand that for the wheel offence to work well, there has to be spacing. The coach makes the drills simply to understand by dividing them into several other shorter drills. These drills would include cut-to-swing, shoot-to-penetrate and so much more. Through the use of simulators or situations which have the likeness of a game, Coach Nick teaches his players through the video what to do to perfect the wheel offence. For example, he uses the 5 players against another five to show the easiest players to perform these drills.

    Apart from this, the Coach has also allowed for some drills which are quick counter in nature. These drills have the capability of taking the opponents for surprise and getting a wonderful opportunity to score especially against a team who is using the zone defence. For example, the act of overloading some of the zones could actually be a good counter move and will result in a scoring opportunity.

    The truth is that zone defences can be quite tricky to break down. However, if you wish to find their point of weakness, it is important that you learn the wheel offence successfully. This would give you an easier way with zone defences.

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