(Rental)-Coaching Middle School Basketball: Box Offense

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    Basketball Box Offense Video

    Your layers will be able to use an easy-to-run offense that creates enough opportunities for every member of your team to score in the game. There are 10 set plays that you can teach your basketball players to effectively force the opposition off balance. Implement breakdown drills that will build your offense by teaching screening, cutting, and how to read the defense.

    The strategies presented by Nick Cammarano in this basketball box offense video will enable multiple players to score easily on the court. The Box Offense program surely is a great offensive system that maximizes the number of times players can score in a game. Every part of the box offense program aims to create an unstoppable scoring machine. There are on-court demonstrations in the 5-on-5 or 5-0 settings as well as whiteboard diagrams to enable coaches to understand the Box Offense system or program properly.

    Basketball Box Offnese Set Plays

    There are 10 different sets and wrinkles that you can use to teach your players the basic box setup. The great thing about each of the set plays is that they are designed to create scoring opportunities during the course of the game. If your strongest offensive man is your post player, get him the ball by means of screens, solutions, and many other options. If your most skillful players are the guards, use screen and roll situations to let them be more aggressive towards the loop. Since everyone has scoring opportunities, your players will love to run the box offense.

    This program is designed for middle school basketball players and it is easy to understand the components and to implement them. It addresses every possible game situation and makes sure that the best players get the ball at good scoring positions. This way, you will create a formidable team that will bring you much success. Rent this basketball box offense DVD today.

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