(Rental)-Coaching Basketball the Bob Hurley Way

  • (Rental)-Coaching Basketball the Bob Hurley Way
  • Coaching Basketball the Bob Hurley Way by Bob Hurley Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Expand your coaching range with drills, defensive and offensive strategies, and pillars of success!

    • You can find many of Coach Hurley’s most popular drills from his long and successful coaching career.
    • Get insightful coaching tips on the defensive and offensive sides of the ball to make your team more efficient
    • Learn from Hall of Fame coaches how to build a team and enrich your culture.

    Bob Hurley has been involved in basketball for more than 50 years. He has had a profound impact on many players and fans. Coach Hurley has a knack for analyzing a situation and finding the best solution.

    Hurley has learned from the greatest coaches of all time by studying different styles of play and incorporating effective offensive and defensive strategies into his own programs over the years. This video is a compilation of three hours of drills, concepts and principles that Coach Hurley has shared with us. You can use them to help your team.

    Practice Organization

    Learning and growth happens in practice. A well-organized practice is essential for coaches. Coach Hurley describes how his team overcame many obstacles on the path to becoming a champion program. He gives examples of practices he's used throughout his career.

    Hurley starts with drills that move his players around the floor, such a 5-Man weave. He emphasizes the importance of using fundamentals to develop skill. After players have become comfortable, Hurley moves on to defense and defensive technique, with a special emphasis on transition. He loves 5 on 3 + 2. This drill allows athletes to practice getting back and creating a triangle defensively to stop easy baskets around he rim. Coaching players allows Coach Hurley to show them individual skills and moves in a breakout session that includes guards and posts. Hurley spends the rest of his practices in Shell Defense and scrimmaging scenarios, which allow players learn while they play.

    Shooting, Rebounding

    Players are becoming more offensively skilled, so focusing on shot fakes and passing will make the difference between an average offensive player and a top-level scorer. To help athletes become strong passers, Coach Hurley teaches them pivoting and passing angles. Learn how to use pass fakes to get around various off-ball screens.

    Hurley's 3v3 team works on Hurley's athletes cutting, screening, getting open to their shot, and moving at game speed. Hurley's 3v3 format allows him to maximize court space so that there aren't many players waiting for shots to be taken.

    Coach Hurley says that rebounding is about technique and effort. He loves to have players bounce the ball off the backboard, then move to the opposite side of the court to rebound it. This is a great way to teach a reverse layup off of a rebound.

    Transition Defense

    Next, Hurley will outline his concepts for transition defense. Guards who are protecting the ball cannot be beaten off the first dribble, and they can't beat the sideline. The coach diagrams the Double Fist and Fist looks. He learned this from Dean Smith. Fist is a game where players try to fake and stunt the trap. This ensures that the offense does not have an advantage over the defense. Double Fist allows players to run and trap while not being observed by the ball handler. Coach Hurley also describes a drill that he uses on the half court to train his players to find a guard for when the trap is beat.

    Half Court Defense

    Over many years of coaching, Coach Hurley has developed defensive principles that can be used in a variety of game-like situations. These drills include exchanging positions in a 2v2 environment and then moving to the baseline. Hurley's One More drill has four players working together to move the ball around the perimeter. Then, Hurley will go in for a long closeout and play 2v2. This format is 2v2, 3v3, 4v4.

    This three-plus hour compilation of coaching knowledge outlines the key elements to running a successful basketball program year in and year out. This video is packed with so much information that you'll be sure to watch it again and learn something new each time. This video is essential to help your team become a championship-level program.

    234 minutes. 2020.

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