(Rental)-Capitalizing On Out--of--bound Plays And Special Situations

  • (Rental)-Capitalizing On Out--of--bound Plays And Special Situations
  • Capitalizing On Out--of--bound Plays And Special Situations by Joe Mihalich Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    • These made-to-score plays will help you score crucial points
    • Under pressure late in the game, learn how to get your best free throw shooter into your hands
    • A simple, but effective offense that can be used against the Box & 1 defense

    These made-to score out of bounds plays, special situations and other play-styles will help you pick up important points! Coach Mihalich guides you through special situations using 5-on-0 or 5-on-5 action.

    Mihalich shows his out-of-bounds play base, starting with five plays from the T-series. They are all run out the same formation. Each player will find a play in this series, making it a favorite. You will have five different options in the same formation. It is also extremely difficult to scout or guard with five options.

    He also displays his 40 series, baseline below versus a zone and a special play for when you need a 3-pointer.

    Then he takes you to his sideline for out-of-bounds play. The same philosophy applies to him, with five plays per player using the same set. Three sideline specials are also shared by him that can be used when you need to make a 3-point shot.

    Mihalich uses a press breaker system that allows vertical, horizontal, and diagonal passing options. This helps to move the ball faster and create 2-on-1 or 3-on-2 situations. To get the ball in your hands, use a press breaker. Do not beat the press, score from it!

    Mihalich also shows his success in offensive attacks against the Box-and-1 defense.

    This DVD will show you how to get more points from each game.

    This was produced at the Richmond, VA clinic in Fall 2009.

    68 minutes. 2010.

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