(Rental)-Building Team Culture & Continuity Zone Offense

  • Building Team Culture in Basketball & Zone Offense
  • Building Team Culture & Continuity Zone Offense by Don Showalter Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Building Team Culture & Continuity Zone Offense

    Don Showalter has had a successful career coaching high school basketball in Iowa and also serving as a USA Development coach. He is a five-time recipient of USA Basketball’s Developmental Coach of the Year award. In this video, Coach Showalter shares some of his knowledge about building a positive team culture and he shows you a simple continuity offense and how it can take advantage of any zone defense.

    Developing Team Culture

    To build a winning culture, Coach Showalter begins his presentation with an explanation of the four Cs: culture, comfort, compete, and communication. Each of these must be practiced daily to develop a healthy culture and a sound program. In addition, Showalter shares 15 player standards to develop passion and enthusiasm for the program. Players demonstrate the “communication circle” activity that gets players out of their comfort zone.

    Continuity Zone Offense

    Coach Showalter then takes you to the court where he demonstrates his continuity offense. He explains how flashing into gaps creates indecision by the defense. Showalter’s offense has the ability to defeat any zone including the 1-2-2, 1-3-1, and 2-3 zone defenses. He covers many of the basic rules and shows you how to screen a zone defense.

    You will also see a 4-high zone offense that uses screening action against the zone. Then, Coach Showalter demonstrates a zone set that is great to use after a timeout. Two post players are positioned on the same side of the floor with a back-pick and lob pass to get an easy scoring opportunity.

    Regardless of what type of zone offense you run, Coach Showalter shares eight points about zone defenses and how you can disguise your regular zone offense by using a double stack alignment.

    Top 10 Mistakes by High School Coaches

    Coach Showalter finishes his presentation by sharing the top 10 mistakes made by high school coaches. The list provides a great deal of insight to help you avoid the common mistakes made by the average coach. Rent this Building Team Culture DVD today.

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