(Rental)-Building A Quality Shooting Workout

  • (Rental)-Building A Quality Shooting Workout
  • Building A Quality Shooting Workout by Lyndsey Fennelly Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Building a Quality Shooting Workout

    Former Iowa State University point guard Lyndsey Fennelly helps you build a complete quality shooting workout. Fennelly was an All-American in 2007 and a second-round draft pick of the Indiana Fever of the WNBA. Now, a well-known skills trainer, Coach Fennelly gives you the keys to building a dynamic and challenging shooting workout.

    Fennelly starts with ball-handling and passing. During the warm-up, players learn to work at three different levels. Players work on dribbling and passing while stationary, while moving, and using one hand only.

    Players are taught four different types of passes and a variety of ball-handling techniques. The session focuses on 10 different ball-handling skills. These include the pound dribble, alternating dribble and more. She also adds the teaching of a number of different one-handed passes like the push, rugby, and behind the back.

    After working ball-handling and passing, Coach Fennelly continues the presentation with six different shooting drills. She breaks down each drill and explains how to train beginners, intermediate, and advanced players. This allows players to progress through each level as their skill improves. From simple warmup shooting drills to full-court exercises that push players to their limits, Coach Fennelly tests and challenges players to train how they want to play. All the drills can be done with or without a partner.

    Any player look to train at the top level of competition or any coach that wants to take his players to the next level should own this video. Coach Fennelly demonstrates a number of excellent drills that can build better shooters.

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