(Rental)-Building A Dominant Defensive System

  • (Rental)-Building A Dominant Defensive System
  • Building A Dominant Defensive System by John Calipari Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    • Forcing turnovers can increase scoring
    • Double down to limit post scoring
    • These drills will help you build your defense starting from the ground.

    John Calipari's winning teams are a result of their strong offensive system. Calipari's teams are reliant on disruption and defensive pressure to create scoring opportunities. Calipari's ultimate goal is to make the game more efficient without sacrificing lay-ups.

    This instructional video teaches you how to use drills from 1-on-1 to 5 on 5, to increase your defensive pressure.

    To create a disruptive defense, you will need to learn how to use the lunge, early support, and close outs. Calipari demonstrates how the double down post forces turnovers and bad shots from the offense using the shell drill. Calipari puts players through intense drills that simulate a game to demonstrate their defensive ability. This pressure defense can guard every offensive system, including the flex offense.

    65 minutes. 2009.

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