(Rental)-Building A Ball Screen Offense

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    Building a Ball Screen Offense

    Kent State head basketball coach Rob Senderoff shows you how build a ball screen offense that maximizes the strengths of your players. Whether you have a team full of ball handlers or just one, Coach Senderoff shows you the various actions that make this offense so successful.

    In almost a decade at Kent State, Senderoff has won 60 percent of his games at a school not known for its basketball program. Coach Senderoff will share with you why the offense works, how to teach it, and the drills you can use in your practices. By the end of the 63-minute video, you should be able to install the Kent State Ball Screen offense successfully.

    Drilling the Offense

    Coach Senderoff uses on-court demonstration to show you the drills that he uses to implement the ball screen offense. He takes you through all the phases of the offense beginning with two warm-up drills that utilize both the pick-and-roll and pick-and-pop actions. You will see three main ball screen options: side, shake, and flat. Coach Senderoff then gets into the 3-out 2-in ball screen offense as well as the 4-out 1-in, which is used when you have good guards that possess speed.

    Also included in Coach Senderoff’s presentation is a unique set that can be used when a team has just one strong ball handler. The ball screen offense can still be used in this case and Senderoff shows you the “Flat” set where four players align on the baseline with the guard at the top of the key.

    Counter Measures

    Defenses will try to counter the ball screen offense in any number of ways. With each alignment, Senderoff shows you how to counter presenting the offense with multiple scoring opportunities. Coach Senderoff simulates different situations an offense might see all with an emphasis on helping players to read defenses and act.

    Coach Senderoff’s DVD is perfect for high school coaches looking to install a ball screen offense. Using Senderoff’s strategies, players learn to attack their opponents giving them the best chances for success.

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