(Rental)-Breakdown Basketball Defense Drills For Individual & Team Defense

  • (Rental)-Breakdown Basketball Defense Drills For Individual & Team Defense
  • Breakdown Basketball Defense Drills For Individual & Team Defense by Roy Williams Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Roy Williams: Breakdown Drills for Individual and Team Defense

    If there is one thing that has helped North Carolina head basketball coach Roy Williams be successful, it is defense. Coach Williams has won over 800 games in his career, been to nine Final Fours, and has three national championships to his credit. In this video, Coach Williams discusses the “22” half-court defense and individual and team drills that have helped him produce all those wins. Defense is about forcing an opponent out of their offense resulting in either a bad shot or a turnover. Coach Williams explains how his Tar Heels go about making opponents uncomfortable.

    The Basics

    Defending a player with the basketball is one of the more difficult skills to learn in basketball. Coach Williams starts at the very beginning – the stance. Players must learn the basic defensive stance in order to successful defenders. On-the-ball defense is emphasized since a dribbler must be constantly pressured. Coach Williams shows you how he teaches his players the stance so that they may eventually become quicker in moving laterally.

    Coach Williams goes through three separate drills designed to improve that lateral quickness and help defenders stay in front of a dribbler. Players learn how to navigate through multiple screens in what Coach Williams calls the Mine Field Drill. The Deny-Help-Deny Drill works on moving quickly from the help position to deny. Off the ball help defense is one of the keys to breaking down an opponent’s offense. The final drill teaches players the closeout and helping off of their man.

    Game-Like Situations

    Coach Williams will put players in a 4-on-4 situation emphasizing both on-the-ball and off-the-ball pressure to create an almost game-like atmosphere. A thorough breakdown of each player’s position and their responsibilities is given. Those who play for Coach Williams know that giving up a baseline drive is simply unacceptable. This is explained as well as pressuring the ball, denying the next pass, closing out, and more.

    The 4-on-4 drills progress, ultimately, to a live, full-court 5-on-5 situation where defenders must learn to work in transition. Players learn to “Guard Their Yard” as Coach Williams preaches and take pride in playing sound pressure defense, something that has helped Williams lead North Carolina to three national titles.

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