(Rental)-Boeheim's Updated Guide to Running the 2-3 Zone Defense

  • (Rental)-Boeheim's Updated Guide to Running the 2-3 Zone Defense
  • Boeheim's Updated Guide to Running the 2-3 Zone Defense by Jim Boeheim Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Jim Boeheim’s (Updated) Guide to Running the Stifling 2-3 Zone Defense

    Jim Boeheim, Syracuse University basketball, and the 2-3 Zone have been synonymous for years. In this video, Coach Boeheim unmasks the secrets to his 2-3 zone that has stifled opponents for years. Boeheim has won one national championship (2003) and has taken his Syracuse teams to five Final Fours. He was the 2010 Naismith Coach of the Year and his defenses have been one of the biggest reasons for his success.

    In this video, Coach Boeheim shares his philosophy on playing zone defense and why he chose to run the zone exclusively. Boeheim lays out everything you need to know to cover every spot on the floor. Included as well are ideas on using zone defense in out-of-bounds situations, how best to rebound when playing zone, and how Boeheim uses the zone to beat even the trickiest of offensive strategies.

    Slides, Bumping, and Other Tactics

    Coach Boeheim starts by explaining the responsibilities for each defender and how the defense works when the ball is moved from the top, wing, corner, and high post. You will see how defensive slides allow the defense to cover every scoring option. Boeheim also shows you how to trap on the baseline and rotate against the skip pass, something offenses use to try and catch zone defenses out of position. Boeheim also shares how to extend the zone and take away 3-point attempts, something that is paramount in playing zone defenses today.

    Boeheim continues with some more challenging aspects of the zone defense including stopping dribble penetration without losing track of shooters. The dribble drive is one tactic teams use to beat Boeheim’s zone. You will see how to counter it. Coach also shows you how to beat inside and outside screens, another strategy used to prevent guards from covering the perimeter. Defending overload situations is discussed as well as using double teams to discourage teams from even attempting to overload.

    Practicing the Zone

    After breaking down the entire zone defense, Boeheim offers you ideas for multiple drills that can be used to teach and install the zone defense. He goes through his process of how a practice is constructed to teach the zone effectively. In addition, you will learn two strategies for playing zone defense against an in-bound play.

    The final segment deals with how to optimize rebounding when playing zone so that opponents cannot get multiple shots. The 81-minute video from one of college basketball’s true all-time greats is the video to own if you are looking to play zone defense..

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