(Rental)-Bob Knight: Advanced Tactics & Techniques For Man--to--man Offense (knight)

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    if You Want To Learn The Motion Offense In The Best Possible Way Then The Coach Bob Knight Is The Ideal Man For This Job. He Has A Living Legend Who Has Worked With So Many Players Over The Years And Has Helped Them Improve Their Offensive Game. You Will Learn His Screening And Cutting Motions That Can Benefit Your Offense.

    the Man To Man Offense Technique Of Coach Knight Is Very Impressive And He Teaches Every Element Of It Very Gracefully. His Teaching Also Include The On Court Demonstrations Which Include Screens, Cutter Options, Post Screens, Screening Goals, Balance And Spacing.

    you Will Learn The Coaching Philosophy, Teaching Methods And Crucial Teaching Points Of Bob Knight.


    according To Bob Knight, Screening And Cutting Are Two Of The Most Important Points For Shooting. As These Two Points Will Provide You Great Opportunity To Score Down The Court. You Will Get Uncontested Shots Time After Time When A Specific Offensive Pattern Is Adopted By Coach Bob Knight. So, How Does This Offensive Pattern Work?  Well, All The Five Players Are Forced To Guard Simultaneously.

    you Will Get The Chance To Set Screens And Cut To The Basket With The Help Of Knight’s Spacing Principles.

    cutting & Screening

    it Doesn’t Matter What Sort Of Man To Man Offense You Apply. Coach Knight Explains How Can You Use Proper Screening Techniques, Well Balanced Spacing And Set Up Screens To Make Your Offense Highly Efficient. There Is A Very Effective Use Of Down Screen, The Back Screen, The Cross Creen, The Flare Screen, The Slip Screen, The Double Screen And The T Screen And The Coach Bob Knight Teaches The Most Effective Way To Do All These With The Help Of Different On Court Demonstrations.

    offensive Drills

    so, There Is A Complete Package Of Offensive Drills By The Coach Bob Knight. The Drills Begin With A 2 On 2 Set Up And Goes On To 5 On 5. All Of The Screening And Cutting Actions Are Covered With The Help Of These Drills. As The Drills Progress, The Constant Motion Along With The Proper Spacing Is Emphasized. In Order To Make The Flow Of The Offense Better, The Coach Bob Knight Implies Some Restrictions On The Drills Which Require Players To See And Observe The Defense.

    motion Entries

    there Are Six Motions Entries Introduced By The Coach Bob Knight. You Will Learn All Of Those In This Video By Coach Bob Knight. The Coach Has Used Those Six Motions Entries To Initiate His Passing, Screening Offense And Cutting.

    Read our BEEF Shooting Guide here.

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