(Rental)-Blocker Mover Offense: Out of Bounds Plays, Set Plays, Reads, & Zone Defense

  • (Rental)-Blocker Mover Offense: Out of Bounds Plays, Set Plays, Reads, & Zone Defense
  • Blocker Mover Offense: Out of Bounds Plays, Set Plays, Reads, & Zone Defense by Joe Kuhn Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Blocker-Mover Offense: Out of Bounds Plays, Set Plays, Reads and vs. Zone Offense

    Hall of Fame coach Joe Kuhn presents to you an offense that can be adapted to fit any style, any personnel, and it works against both zone and man-to-man. The Joliet Junior College head coach, who is a member of both the Illinois and NJCAA Basketball Coaches Halls of Fame, shows you a highly adaptable offensive attack in this video through the use of the whiteboard, on-court demonstration, and game film.

    The simultaneous screening actions that incorporate every player on the floor are what make the blocker-mover offense team basketball at its best. You will see how it works against any defense and how players can have the freedom to freelance.

    Offensive Entries

    For teams that face pressure defenses frequently, Coach Kuhn shows you three different entries into the offense. Keep opponents guessing with three options to get open on the wing using pin screens. Detroit adds another screener to help out when extreme pressure gives you trouble. When dribble entry is needed, Coach Kuhn shows you how to space the floor to initiate the offense.

    Alignment Options

    The Blocker-Mover system features two designated blockers that look to constantly screen for movers in designated areas. Adjusting the assignments of the blockers changes the spacing and screening options that are created in the offense.

    • Lane-Lane: great option for teams with two post players or when coaches need to find productive use for non-scorers
    • Lane-Wide: used when at least one blocker has solid perimeter skills
    • Wide-Wide: used when blockers have solid perimeter skills
    • Top-Bottom: a four-guard lineup with one post player close to the rim

    Zone Offense

    Coach Kuhn illustrates how the Top-Bottom alignment can create a motion offense that works perfectly against zone defenses. In addition to the basic Blocker-Mover offense, you will see two additional concepts used to beat zone defenses. The Step Out-Step In action creates a ball reversal that pulls out defenders and frees up a post feed in the short corner.

    Transition & Set Plays

    Coach Kuhn shows you how simple transition offense can flow right into the screening actions of the blocker-mover. Scoring opportunities are available early in transition with drive and kick plays by your movers, feeding the post, or the use of wide pin down screens by the trailing blocker.

    To complement the offense, Coach Kuhn shows you five set plays that incorporate concepts from the main offense. Panther is one that can create a 3-point shot or a post opportunity. There are also ways to incorporate handoffs into the set plays creating even more action. Vermont is a sideline inbounds play that will either execute a lob pass or get the ball to your best player.

    With all of its options, Coach Kuhn’s offense is perfect for any team. In 88 minutes, he shows you an offense built for any situation – out of bounds, versus zone, versus man, and more – and how it can adapt to any roster. Own it today!

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