(Rental)-Blocker Mover Offense: Core Drills & Shooting Drills

  • (Rental)-Blocker Mover Offense: Core Drills & Shooting Drills
  • Blocker Mover Offense: Core Drills & Shooting Drills by Joe Kuhn Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Blocker-Mover Offense: Core Drills and Shooting Drills

    Joliet Junior College head coach Joe Kuhn has built a career on the Blocker-Mover offense. It has helped him earn inductions into the NJCAA Basketball Coaches Hall of Fame as well as the Illinois Basketball Coaches Hall of Fame. In this video, Coach Kuhn shows you how to build the Blocker-Mover offense with a number of different drills. He presents 14 foundational drills, both core drills and shooting drills, to help you execute the Blocker-Mover system at a high level.

    Core Drills

    In order to learn the reads and options involved in the seemingly endless number of actions within the offense, players must work through Coach Kuhn’s series of foundational drills. Only when players have mastered the reads and options available are they able to freelance within the system.

    Coach Kuhn presents nine practice drills that help players learn the various reads needed to successfully run the blocker-mover offense. The Get Open drill is one where players run through a variety of actions that can be rehearsed. This helps develop the instincts players need to find scoring chances. Players learn to get open on the wing using pin down screens. They also learn how to play off flare screens, side ball screens, and baseline screens based on how a defense plays them.

    The Free Lance drill helps to really lock in the concepts of the offense. Using restrictions or scripted defensive tactics, you can tweak the drill to focus on whatever priority you would want to emphasize.

    Shooting Drills

    Coach Kuhn shows you five drills to break down the shooting options within the blocker-mover offense. Players train to take the same shots they will take on game night. The 3-Spot Shooting drill simulates different shots that can be created off of pin down screens or flare screens for the movers. Blocker Shooting helps condition post players to look for scoring opportunities through post ups and flashes to the ball. The Combo Shooting drill puts blockers and movers together to rehearse shots off flare screens.

    Any coach interested in running the blocker-mover offense must have this 54-minute video from Coach Kuhn. It’s a must for building an effective blocker-mover offense.

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