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    The Blitz Secondary Break

    The goal of the offense is to score and California women’s head basketball coach Lindsay Gottlieb shows you how to improve your team’s ability to do so. Coach Gottlieb presents a secondary break offense that will attack an opponent’s defense before it has time to set up. Learn to read defenses get quick baskets as well as drills to improve guard and post play from the 2013 Pac-12 Coach of the Year. Using a whole-part-whole teaching method, Coach Gottlieb breaks down her primary and secondary transition offense.

    The Secondary Break

    The primary transition offense flows right into the secondary break which spreads the floor and allows players to put their skills to work. Coach Gottlieb shows you how she teaches whole concepts with a walk-through. This helps the individual player see how each piece of the puzzle is connected. Each part of the secondary break has multiple options. Reversing the ball creates an additional seven actions that can be modified for the skills of the trailer. Gottlieb’s offense allows for flexibility. You can play big or small as you will find scoring opportunities for both guards and post players. There are two-player options, strong side triangles, and more presented here.

    Blitz Secondary Break Individual Breakdown Drills

    With the whole concept of the offense in place, Coach Gottlieb then works players on their individual skills in a series of breakdown drills. Guards learn to develop transition jump shots as well as how to attack the rim, and use on-ball screens to score. Post players learn how to create an early post-up opportunity, score 1-on-1 in the post, and attack from the top of the key. These drills are paramount to developing the skills needed to run the offense.

    Blitz Secondary Break Team Breakdown Drills

    Coach Gottlieb puts it all together with a series of team drills used to break down the early offense. The Transfer Drill teaches players to play fast. All of Gottlieb’s team drills mirror actual game play from rebound to score. A number of scenarios are reviewed to help players become more efficient in the transition offense.

    You will also see Coach Gottlieb’s transition series. She will use a number of drills – 3-on-0, 4-on-0, and 5-on-0 – without a defense to help players understand their roles in transition. The 3-on-0 teaches players four different scoring options. The 4-on-0 teaches ball reversal through the trailer for a quick basket. Finally, the 5-on-0 teaches the flow into the secondary break when the primary break doesn’t produce a scoring opportunity.

    It is the success with the secondary break that has helped Gottlieb take six of her seven California teams to the NCAA tournament, including a trip to the 2013 Final Four. Learn the secondary break from one of the game’s best. Rent the Blitz Secondary Break DVD today.

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