(Rental)-Basketball Toughness Drills to Improve Your Team Physcially & Mentally

  • (Rental)-Basketball Toughness Drills to Improve Your Team Physcially & Mentally
  • Basketball Toughness Drills to Improve Your Team Physcially & Mentally by John Pigatti Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Basketball Toughness Drills to Improve Your Team Physically and Mentally

    If you are looking to improve your team’s toughness, South Suburban College head coach John Pigatti can help. In this basketball toughness drills video, he provides you with practice drills designed to develop a mindset of toughness. Coach Pigatti’s teams have developed that mindset and have helped him win over 83 percent of his career games. Pigatti has coached two National Players of the Year and nine Region IV Players of the Year. He has also led his teams to nine Region IV championships. Watch as he demonstrates how to build a culture of toughness in your program.

    Passing Drills for Toughness

    The idea of basketball toughness drills begins in the warmup drills in practice. Coach Pigatti begins with the Olympic Passing drill where eight players work together on passing skills. The emphasis in the drill is on catching on the move, working on pivoting, and preventing turnovers. The drill progresses to work on different types of passes. The overhead pass or the bounce pass, for example, can be the point of emphasis.

    The drill ends up going full court and forces players to go hard as they have to run longer distances. This works on passing skills but also incorporates an element of toughness. Two other passing drills are presented here. The 50 Pass Drill is one which requires players to make 50 passes without a dribble or a shot. The emphasis here is to improve passing while being disciplined in handling the basketball.

    Defensive Drills for Toughness

    Coach Pigatti demonstrates a few drills in this segment. He begins with the Loose Ball Charge Drill. A player starts at the free throw lane. A coach rolls the ball out onto the floor and the player must dive for it, recover it, and pass it back to the coach. The next phase is to save balls that are going out of bounds. Coach Pigatti reviews the rules of saving a ball here which includes the idea of saving the ball to the nearest corner. Finally, players take a charge as a teammate drives.

    Rebounding Drills for Toughness

    Pigatti shares that 72 percent of teams that win also win the rebounding battle. He then demonstrates the War Drill, a full-court, 4-on-4 drill that starts with four perimeter offensive players and four defensive players starting on the restricted arc facing the basket. A shot is taken and the defense must block out and secure the rebound. One variation of the drill is the defense has to let the ball hit the floor once before securing the rebound. This forces the defense to hold their block out longer than normal.

    There is no doubt that tough teams win more games. Coach Pigatti’s video shows you a number of ways in which you can build a culture of toughness putting your team on a path to win more games. Rent this basketball toughness drills DVD today.

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