(Rental)-Basketball Skill Development Drills

  • (Rental)-Basketball Skill Development Drills
  • (Rental)-Basketball Skill Development Drills
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    Instruction in skill development for large and small players.

    • You can work on the fundamentals of passing and catching, shooting footwork and spacing with fast-paced drills.
    • To kill two birds with one, incorporate some of your offensive ideas into your skill development drills
    • Discover why strong ball movement is essential for creating difficult defensive rotations and allowing you to push on offense

    This video features skill development and practice sessions by Coach Scott Davenport. It shows the fundamental drills that his team uses at Bellarmine in order to be one of the best scoring teams in America. There are many drills and practice segments that will help your team succeed on offense.

    Skill Session

    Davenport and his team work with players to improve their shooting footwork and shot fakes. They also teach them how to space and pass and catch. Athletes learn basic drills, emphasizing footwork, to finish moves around the rim, make bank shots, sprint the floor, use jump stops, and participate in shooting competitions. These drills are great for team building and improving game skills.

    Practice Session

    Next Coach Davenport shows off the speed at which his team practices in order to increase defense's efficiency and speed it up. Players work on full court passing, catching, and attacking using a 5-on-4 advantage. Davenport puts players in 5-on-4 positions to force the defense into difficult decisions. Intense players can read defense and attack the basket. Coach Davenport teaches his players how to keep their shoulders straight and make small, simple faux pas. The skills your players learn will allow them to score at an unstoppable pace.

    This video contains strong content that will help you build your team's individual and collective skills before, during and after the season. From start to finish, you can see that Coach Davenport stresses the small things to ensure his teams are successful. These drills will help you and your team to take better care of the ball.

    124 minutes. 2022.

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