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  • Open Practice With Jim Crews by Jim Crews Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Basketball Practice with Jim Crews

    Learn how the best college coaches in the nation prepare their teams for success in this open practice video from former Saint Louis University head coach Jim Crews. A former player under Bobby Knight at Indiana, Crews won the Atlantic 10 Coach of the Year award in back-to-back seasons in 2013 and 2014. In this presentation, you will see how Crews built his program around fundamental skill development and the concepts of educating, encouraging, and empowering student-athletes.

    The basketball practice session begins with focus on fundamentals, which Coach Crews believes are essential to having a successful program. Here, he focuses on defensive fundamentals emphasizing proper stance and positioning as well as having high hands. His 3-on-4 drill forces players to use these defensive fundamentals.

    Coach Crews moves to an offensive drill that teaches a number of different concepts. The 4-on-3 Whitesell Drill teaches entry passes, post ups, escape dribbles, and how to inbound effectively. Players learn to focus through the entire drill working on each skill.

    In addition to all of the drills, Coach Crews also takes time to talk briefly about how he puts together practice sessions. He likes to focus on the weaknesses from the previous practice first and then move into a more normal routine. He explains why he does this and it is quite insightful.

    Basketball Practice Fundamental Drills

    You will see more fundamental drills later in the video. Coach Crews truly believes that fundamentals are the invisible force that moves a team in the right direction. You see a number of shooting drills that underscore Coach Crews’ point. Post players work on jump hooks and other post moves while perimeter players work on ball handling and shots off of ball screens.

    The final segments of the video feature Coach Crews running his players through the team’s offense against a 3-2 zone. You get a great view of how fundamental skills and basic concepts are put together as part of an offensive strategy. Coach Crews continually holds his players accountable and forces them to do the little things correctly. Doing so has helped Crews’ teams have great success over the years.

    Coach Crews’ experience in playing for Coach Knight as well as Rick Majerus has helped him develop a winning formula that Crews has used in repeated success throughout his career. Get an up close look at that formula in this 103-minute video. Rent this basketball practice video today.

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