(Rental)-Basketball Practice Drills, Coaching Philosophy, & High School Shooting Workout

  • (Rental)-Basketball Practice Drills, Coaching Philosophy, & High School Shooting Workout
  • Basketball Practice Drills, Coaching Philosophy, & High School Shooting Workout by John Spezia Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    John Spezia has coached at every level and is currently the head basketball coach at Notre Dame de La Salette Academy in Illinois. In this open practice, on the court video; Coach Spezia helps you structure practice and drills so that you get the most out of your time on the floor. You will learn how to build a championship culture through both on-court drills and in classroom teaching sessions. Coach Spezia even includes a section on putting together a shooting workout for the high school player.

    Practice Philosophy & Drills

    Spezia likes to start practice with players establishing goals for the practice. Players become more accountable and competitive as a result. To get the most out of available space and time, Spezia does drills where player are constantly moving. For example, the 3-Minute Drill has players work on fast break skills while another set of players is working on passing ability. The drill is also a conditioning drill.

    In the 5-on-4 Shell Drill, players are put at a disadvantage to work on help and recover situations. This is great drill for building team defense and team rebounding skills. In addition to drill specifics, Coach Spezia also shows you how he builds his practice plan. You’ll see why a certain drill is run and, ultimately, how to run it. Spezia also likes to use various pieces of equipment like jump ropes, hurdles, heavy balls, and more.

    Coach Spezia then takes you inside the locker room. The locker room is a great place to build your culture and team philosophy. Players can study both offensive and defensive philosophy. It is in the locker room where Spezia gives his players his offensive and defensive musts. These are the rules his players must live by from day to day on the court.

    Shooting Workout

    With his extensive background, Coach Spezia has trained shooters all over the world. Watch as he breaks down shooting footwork into simple drills. These help shooters master their footwork when shooting. A total of 10 shooting drills are presented to help players develop into confident, capable shooters.

    Coach Spezia shows tremendous attention to detail, discipline, and the ability to build solid fundamentals in players. It’s what separates him from the average coach.

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