(Rental)-Basketball Drills to Develop Every Area of the Game

  • (Rental)-Basketball Drills to Develop Every Area of the Game
  • Basketball Drills to Develop Every Area of the Game by Rob Senderoff Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Kent State University head coach Rob Senderoff opens up your creative basketball mind with this open practice video full of useful drills. Senderoff has guided the Golden Flashes to a MAC regular season title (2015) and a MAC tournament championship (2017) during his tenure. Part of his success comes from a collection of skills drills that he and his staff utilize throughout a season and in the offseason. Watch as Coach Senderoff takes you through individual and small group drills to develop both offensive and defensive skills.

    Individual & Small Group Drills

    This practice begins with skill drills like ball handling. You will see a two-ball dribbling drill and then players move into 2-on-0 layup drills where they work on different finishes. Next, players work on cutting and passing but within the framework of Kent State’s offense. Passing off drives and cutting and screening after post feeds are covered here.

    Coach Senderoff has his players do two rebounding drills where different block outs and crashing the boards are emphasized. The aggressive mindset is further developed with the Offensive Rebound Extra Pass Drill.

    Offensive & Defensive Drills

    The next segment of practice is dedicated to offense and defense. Players learn to play under pressure in the Virginia and Ball Pressure Drills. Senderoff has players run different options in their transition offense.

    This segment ends with the team reviewing how to handle ball screens in a 5-on-5 situation. Watch and see how Senderoff and his staff maximize their time on the court by coaching both sides of the ball during these drills.


    At the conclusion of the practice, Senderoff has his players run O-D-O. The drill starts with a half-court setting. The offense runs its offense, then must convert to transition offense and then again to transition defense. Once that series is complete, the team that started on defense goes to offense and the drill is run again.

    You will see a number of excellent drills that you can add to your existing repertoire!

    NABC On the Court Open Practice with Jamion Christian: Man-to-Man Set Plays, Ball Screen Reads, and Breakdown

    Jamion Christian, head coach at George Washington University, is known for executing set plays within an aggressive offensive system that dates back to his time at Siena and Mount St. Mary’s. In this open practice video, he shows you a number of those plays and shows you how your players can read the different looks they see from a defense.

    Christian won the Northeast Conference Coach of the Year award in 2017 after leading Mount St. Mary’s to a league championship, a conference tournament victory, and a berth in the NCAA tournament. There is something in this video for every coach.

    Offensive Package

    Half of the practice is spent on going through sets that lead into the ball screen offense. Players are taught how to read defenses, where to set screens, how to find open cutters, and various points of attack.

    Once the sets have been mastered, the half-court offense is reviewed. A variety of options are covered including attacking the rim and kicking the ball out for three-point attempts. Christian takes the time to reinforce the concepts that he wants his players to learn.

    Position Work

    Christian’s players develop a better sense of where shots should come from within the offense through position work. Post players, for example, work on footwork and passing against a defender. They also work on finishing as coaches use pads to make them go against contact.

    At the same time, guards work on coming off screens and attacking the paint. They also work on finishing at the rim or kicking the ball back out to a perimeter shooter.

    Defensive Situations

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