(Rental)-Baskeball Practice Gold Mineof Drills & Plays

  • (Rental)-Baskeball Practice Gold Mineof Drills & Plays
  • Baskeball Practice Gold Mineof Drills & Plays by Dan Hughes Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Dan Hughes is a highly experienced basketball coach with over 30 years of experience. He has coached at various levels, including high school and college, as well as in the WNBA and internationally. In this video presentation, Hughes shares his knowledge and expertise with viewers, providing coaching tips, proven strategies, practice drills, and game-tested set plays.

    In addition, Hughes emphasizes the importance of empowering and developing assistant coaches, providing insight on what he calls 'coaching the coaches.' He also touches on cultural considerations in a diverse team setting and how it's important to understand and respect the backgrounds of all team members.

    Hughes also provides viewers with an in-depth analysis of the importance of continually improving a team's defensive transition and how it's crucial to overall team success. He demonstrates a number of practice drills that can improve the skill sets needed to execute specific set plays, such as the ‘Post Power-Cuts Drill,’ the ‘Four Backdoor’ and ‘Dagger Drill.’ He also demonstrates drills like "Drags-And-Quicks Drill," "Here, There and Back" and a pick-and-roll series with spacing actions.

    He also covers the importance of running an organized practice, offering time-tested tips on practice planning and the importance of empowering your players. He also demonstrates a great warm-up drill, the ‘Drive, Kick and Pass Drill.’ He also goes over sideline and baseline out-of-bounds plays such as ‘Red Action’ and ‘Lips Action,’ as well as several ‘Rush Drills’ that enhance play execution.

    The video ends with Hughes providing coaching points for several late-game situations, stressing the importance of preparation and execution in high-pressure moments. Overall, the video is a comprehensive resource for coaches, providing a wealth of valuable information and ideas for enhancing practices and turbo-charging offensive playbooks.

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