(Rental)-Basic Point Guard Skills And Drills

  • (Rental)-Basic Point Guard Skills And Drills
  • Basic Point Guard Skills And Drills by John Calipari Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Basic Point Guard Drills with Derrick Rose

    Learn basic point guard drill with John Calipari and Derrick Rose. To be an elite point guard, you must master the basics and that comes from drill work. In this video, former NBA Rookie of the Year and MVP Derrick Rose helps you learn the skills, drills, and more associated with becoming the consummate point guard. Rose’s college coach John Calipari, now the Kentucky head basketball coach, shares with you the skills and drills that he has used to train championship point guards like Rose, John Wall, and Tyreke Evans.

    With the help of Rose and 17-year NBA veteran point guard Rod Strickland, Calipari takes you through a workout featuring a first-hand look at each individual point guard drill and how to improve at playing the position. Calipari presents the skills needed for an elite point guard: ball handling, scoring threat, understanding passing angles, free throw shooting, and on-ball defense.

    He presents drills to practice a multitude of skills. You will see basic point guard drills to practice shooting. Drills to help players play fast with the ball and those to help with transitioning from the catch to the dribble. There are even defensive drills designed to teach players to stop dribble penetration.

    Basic Point Guard Drills & the Mental Side

    Also important is the mental aspect of being a point guard. Rose and Strickland offer insight into playing the position from their perspective. Players must learn to develop confidence, become a leader, place the team before themselves, and learn to be mentally tough.

    Calipari and company also present the idea of being a scoring threat as a point guard at all times. They will show you drills that will help your quickness as well as hand-eye coordination. You will see that point guards should learn to develop a “go to” spot on the floor from which you know you can always score. Rose shares a drill that used to improve his shooting range.

    Rose, Strickland, and Calipari then sit down and simply talk basketball. The three have an in-depth discussion about the intangibles of point guard play. If you ever wanted to learn about being an NBA point guard from some of the best, this is your chance. This 85-minute video is perfect for those looking for drills and concepts that can be implemented directly into their programs to enhance guard play. Rent this basic point guard drills DVD today.

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