(Rental)-Baseline To Baseline Special Situations

  • (Rental)-Baseline To Baseline Special Situations
  • Baseline To Baseline Special Situations by Fran Fraschilla Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Baseline to Baseline Special Situations

    There are numerous situations within every basketball game that coaches must be prepared. In this insightful video, former NCAA head coach and ESPN international basketball analyst Fran Fraschilla leads you through an on-court presentation focused on how to deal with those types of situations. Fraschilla, who coached at Manhattan, St. John’s, and New Mexico, covers everything. From late-game situations to those that are sometimes forgotten, Coach Fraschilla shares it all.

    Successful Coaches

    Coach Fraschilla begins his presentation by addressing the characteristics of a successful coach. He talks about how to look at your own coaching philosophy and take an inventory of it all while factoring in your current roster. In this segment, Fraschilla discusses:

    • The 5 skills that make a successful coach
    • Organization, regimentation, and attention to detail
    • The 3 C’s of coaching in pressure situations
    • 10 questions you and your coaching staff must consider prior to your first practice

    Coaching Pressure Situations

    Coach Fraschilla then takes to the court where he shares with you some of his best plays in pressure and special situations. Coaches must be prepared for full-court, half-court, and under-the-basket play as well as address various time and score concerns. Coach Fraschilla takes you through a number of these situations including:

    • Baseline inbounds plays
    • Sideline inbounds plays
    • Deep corner inbounds plays
    • Late-game inbounds situation with no time out (half-court, ¾-court, and full-court)
    • Going full-court with 2, 3, and 5 seconds remaining on the clock
    • Beating a full-court man-to-man or zone press
    • Starting a game aggressively
    • Starting the second half aggressively
    • How to play with the lead
    • How and when to foul
    • When to use the hurry-up offense
    • Last-second plays

    Coach Fraschilla nails down virtually every special situation you can think of in this 167-minute video. It will prepare you, your staff, and your team for high-pressure, end-of-game situations providing you with an advantage. Coach Fraschilla’s presentation is a must-have for any serious coach at any level.

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