(Rental)-Ball Screen Offense vs. 2-3 Zone Defense

  • Ball Screen Offense vs 2-3 Zone Defense
  • Ball Screen Offense vs. 2-3 Zone Defense by Matt McMahon Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Ball Screen Offense vs 2-3 Zone

    Matt McMahon led Murray State to back-to-back Ohio Valley Conference regular season and tournament championships in 2018 and 2019. One of the reasons was his team’s ability to beat zone defenses. In this video, Coach McMahon shares everything from zone offense principles and continuity to set plays and out of bounds plays that can help your own offensive attack.

    Elements to Beating a Zone Defense

    Coach McMahon’s ball screen offense vs 2-3 zone defense presentation starts with an outline of his philosophy of attacking a zone defense. He offers three key elements for beating a zone defense and the importance of having clear vision when you implement a zone offense and when you are choosing set plays.

    It is ideal to keep your players’ strengths in mind and to be consistent when developing your zone offense attack. Throughout the presentation, you will see how McMahon’s zone offense matches his philosophy and how it maximizes the skills and abilities of his players.

    Continuity Offenses and Set Plays

    You will see two continuity offenses as well as multiple set plays and counter to be used to attack a 2-3 zone. Coach McMahon’s continuity ball screen offense is based upon a few simple principles and allows players to make plays within some basic structure.

    For teams with a playmaking point guard or simply guard-heavy, the Slash Offense is perfect. This offense takes advantage of the strength of multiple ball handlers and shooters. It’s suitable for a four-guard offense but also takes care of the big man. Slash provides multiple opportunities to get the ball inside to a dominant post player.

    Attacking the 1-3-1 and Out of Bounds Plays

    Coach McMahon shows you a proven offensive set to take down the 1-3-1 zone. It will provide multiple looks at the basket and plenty of open 3-point opportunities. In the final segment of the video, Coach McMahon also offers two out of bounds plays that can be used under the basket. Both plays flow right into the continuity offense.

    If you face teams that play zone defenses, this video gives you everything you need to implement a zone offense package. Give your opponents headaches as they prepare for your offensive attack. Rent this ball screen offense vs 2-3 zone defense DVD today.

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