(Rental)-Auriemma & Knight: Creativity In Your Motion Offense

  • (Rental)-Auriemma & Knight: Creativity In Your Motion Offense
  • Auriemma & Knight: Creativity In Your Motion Offense by Bob Knight Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Building Creativity and Discipline into Your Motion Offense

    Two of the greatest to ever walk the sideline – Bob Knight and Geno Auriemma – show you how to build creativity into your motion offense by teaching players to think. Players can go from average to great if they can “think the game” as Coach Knight likes to say. Coach Knight presents a number of drills that are designed to do exactly that – help players think, react, and better understand the game.

    With over 900 career wins at Indiana and Texas Tech, three national championships, and an Olympic gold medal (1984); Coach Knight is a living coaching legend. Using on-court demonstrations, he shares a warmup series of drills that will make players think about what they are doing on the court. The drills focus on three fundamental concepts – passing, cutting, and screening. These are important in the building of a motion offensive system.

    Coach Knight then gets into drills and tools that prepare players for game day situations. The drills put players in more challenging positions than they would face in a game. Coach Knight uses a 4-on-5 disadvantage drill that that helps teams deal with traps and double teams. Working in these disadvantage situations makes dealing with game day much easier.

    Coach Knight gives way to Auriemma who is also a living legend. With over 1,000 career victories and 11 national titles, Coach Auriemma knows a bit about the motion offense. He begins by talking about structure within the motion offense, but then gets into how to give players more freedom. Allowing this freedom forces players to think and react to create scoring opportunities.

    Coach Auriemma presents four practice drills to lay the foundation of the motion offense. The drills, from 1-on-0 to 5-on-0, will get players from all skill levels involved and teach them the motion offense as well as the fast break.

    If you run the motion offense, learn how to take your system to the next level by incorporating the teachings of two of the best to have ever coached the game of basketball.

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