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    Seth Greenberg: Attacking Zone Offense and Plays

    As more and more teams play zone defenses at various times during the course of a game, offenses have to be prepared to attack them. Seth Greenberg, former head coach at Virginia Tech and current ESPN analyst, takes you onto the court to explain how to attack any type of zone defense.

    Greenberg won nearly 400 games as the head coach at three different programs. He won the ACC’s Coach of the Year award twice in 2005 and in 2008. Much of his success was due to Greenberg’s ability to have an answer for attacking any type of defense.

    In this video, Greenberg begins by reviewing the basics of an effective zone offense. These ideas include:

    • It starts with transition
    • Players must attack the offensive glass
    • Players must not settle for jump shots
    • There must be ball movement and player movement
    • You must screen the zone
    • Players must be able to ball fake and shot fake
    • Players must be shot ready

    For Greenberg, effective zone offense begins with transition. He likes to attack with the dribble in order to flatten out the zone. You will see his Flash and Roll that features “pull” and “drag” dribbles that create open areas in the zone. In addition, Coach Greenberg shows you two quick hitters that are easy but effective at getting an open post feed or an open three-point shot. You will also hear Greenberg emphasize that his players fly to the glass when pursuing offensive rebounds.

    Greenberg continues to show you his zone attack with a two-guard offense that is designed to defeat the 1-3-1. This offense is a variation of the famous “T-Game” offense that traces back to legendary coach Henry Iba. The guards in this offense play midpoint to midpoint which makes it easier to attack the gray areas of the 1-3-1 and it helps to avoid being trapped.

    The real key to Greenberg’s success in attack zone defenses is in his belief in getting the ball into the hands of your best players. With simple rules and concepts, Coach Greenberg has developed an offense that is instinctive and successful in taking down zone defenses.

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