(Rental)-Attacking The Zone

  • (Rental)-Attacking The Zone
  • Attacking The Zone by Mark Gottfried Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Mark Gottfried is not going to be passive in his fight against zone defenses. His offense aims to attack the heart of the zone. Ball movement, man movement, and penetration are the keys to his offense. The ball is constantly moving from one sideline to another. Gottfried believes his perimeter players should be difficult to defend and must find the gap between two defenders. Guards will drive gaps after a few ball reversals. Post players must be aggressive and work hard to get around the zone. Post players are expected to occupy the defenders at the baseline by flashing, posting up and threatening. Gotfried's zone style allows for attacking from the back from the corner. The Double "O", an alignment consisting of two post-low players and three perimeter players outside, is called the Double "O". The 1-3-1 set is another option, with the high-post player being the "hub of all the wheels". This attack offers corner passes, short corner opportunities, hi/low action and corner passes. Zone defenses can be defeated by set plays. Although the 3-2 zone has a unique look, it can be countered by an offensive overload attack.

    52 minutes. 2007.

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