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  • Attacking a 1-3-1 Zone Defense  Video DVD
  • Attacking a 1-3-1 Zone Defense by Jake Erbentraut Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Attacking a 1-3-1 Zone Defense

    Jake Erbentraut won 100 games faster than any coach in Wilmot High School (WI) history. In this attacking a 1-3-1 zone defense video, he shares his strategies for beating the 1-3-1 zone defense. Coach Erbentraut spent time researching the best ways to take down the 1-3-1 and shares them with you in this highly organized presentation. Included are strategies to exploit the defense, set plays, and practice drills to prepare your team to play against the 1-3-1.

    1-3-1 Tendencies and Weaknesses

    In order to beat any defense, you must first understand how it works. Coach Erbentraut breaks down the 1-3-1 so you can see what the defense is trying to accomplish. You will learn how players are to position themselves in the 1-3-1, when and where they want to trap, and how they rotate.

    Learning how the defense works then allows you to identify its weaknesses. Coach Erbentraut then shows you a variety of offensive concepts that take advantage of these weaknesses. You will see how you can flatten the defense in transition. Create pockets with player movement that help you find open shots by passing the ball. You can also exploit the middle of the zone using the dribble attack. Coach Erbentraut also explains how to space the floor so you can attack any traps and rebound better.

    Alignment, Sets, and Drills

    Coach Erbentraut also gives you four different alignments and four set plays that can be used to score against the 1-3-1. X-Game puts the defense into constant overloads which confuses defensive responsibilities and rotations. Broncos is another play that produces layups for guards using screening actions. Other plays help you penetrate the middle of the defense, free up shooters with double screens, and get the ball inside to the post.

    To play against the 1-3-1, you need to drill it in practice. Coach Erbentraut offers up drills that develop the skills needed to beat the 1-3-1. Passing skills are improved using Man in the Middle and Confidence drills. The 4-on-4 Diamond drill teaches players to read and react in game-like situations to find open spots and create scoring opportunities. Erbentraut also includes drills to work on ball movement patterns that break down the zone. In all, you will see eight drills that will prepare your team to play against zone defenses.

    This is the new gold standard of instructional videos for playing against the 1-3-1 zone. If you face opponents that run the 1-3-1, this video should be in your collection. Rent this attacking a 1-3-1 zone defense DVD today.

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