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  • Attack & React Transition And Zone Offense by Andrew Grantz Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    4-Out 1-In Attack and React Offense: Transition and Zone Offense

    Attack and React Offense founder Andrew Grantz provides an inside look at how his unique style of offense can be used in a multitude of ways. In this video, Coach Grantz – now the head boys’ basketball coach at Fort Myers HS in Florida – uses on-court demonstration to show you how his offense can break a press, be used in transition, and serve as a highly effective half-court zone offense.

    Coach Grantz spent several years as an assistant coach at Indiana University Southeast and as a head coach at Our Lady of Providence HS (IN) while creating the Attack & React. You will see in this video how his attack can serve as an entire offense simplifying your playbook all while making your players more efficient.

    Transition Offense

    The ease of the Attack and React offense allows players to create scoring opportunities at any time. When flowing from the offense into transition for example, players do not follow a set pattern. Instead, players fall into five positions – any player can fall into any position – in an effort to create a scoring chance. Coach Grantz will also show you how to flow right into the secondary break so you do not have to install more plays for your offense to remember.

    Delay Game

    One aspect of the game that many coaches often overlook is the delay game. Coach Grantz shows you how to implement a delay that uses the same principles as the Attack & React Offense. Grantz also shows you two simple rules for creating more offensive rebounding opportunities.

    Attack and React Zone Offense

    Teams that have adapted to the Attack and React Offense attempt to slow down the offense by playing zone. In this segment, Coach Grantz shows you how to attack both the 2-3 and 1-3-1 zone defenses with the Attack & React. You will see how to attack gaps in the defense and look for pitch outs and open jumpers. Coach Grantz also shows teams how to use the dribble, the ball screen, and the shuffle cut to attack these zone defenses.

    When teams overplay on defense, Coach Grantz demonstrates the effectiveness of the backdoor cut. Proper backdoor cuts will earn the respect of opponents and prevent them from overplaying. You will see in this 61-minute video that Coach Grantz has an answer for anything a zone defense can throw at him. His Attack & React offense is full of the tools necessary to put up points against any defense. Rent this Attack and React Offense DVD today.

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