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  • Allowing Your Players Freedom on the Court by Steve Christiansen Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Man to Man Offense Basketball DVD - Allowing Your Players Freedom on the Court

    The trend in modern basketball is to play a positionless style where all players are basically equally skilled and able to handle the basketball, pass, shoot, and post up and play inside. In order for the positionless offense to work, players must have the skills necessary and they must buy in to the approach.

    Triton College head coach Steve Christiansen discusses player freedom in this man to man offense baskestball video and how to incorporate it into your own system regardless of the scheme. Coach Christiansen explains the benefits of giving players freedom which allows coaches to create buy-in and, ultimately, positionless players.

    Basketball Practice Drills

    The presentation begins with Coach Christiansen explaining his coaching philosophy and why he allows players freedom on the court. His discussion provides some insight and ideas that can hopefully generate some thought in regards to your own coaching philosophy.

    Coach Christiansen then moves into his favorite practice drills. He starts with ball handling drills which helps develop the skills needed to play with freedom in a positionless offense. The drills progress to full-court action with an emphasis on freedom. You will watch two drills that work on decision making. The drills incorporate the ball handling skills practiced in the earlier drills.

    The Drive-and-Dish drill works from a 2-on-1 situation where players learn to be aggressive and read a defense all while maintaining the idea of freedom. The Cut Throat Drill is another favorite as it promotes competition and can be customized to emphasize offense or defense. It is one of several that Christiansen reviews in this segment.

    Man to Man Offense Basketball

    The presentation concludes with Coach Christiansen outlining his man-to-man offense. Players are taught to make plays from a 4-out, 1-in setup. The offense is simple to learn and allows players the type of freedom that Christiansen talks about throughout the presentation. Coach Christiansen adds in a passing drill that teaches players the flow of the offense. The idea with Christiansen’s drills, especially those that work on the man-to-man offense, is to allow players to grow and develop as they work on their game.

    Too often, coaches can stand in the way of players reaching their potential. Coach Christiansen shows you how to maximize player freedom in a simple offense that can help your program excel. Rent this man to man offense basketball DVD today.

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