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    USA Basketball Practice Individual Breakdown

    The daily fundamentals are the building blocks of the USA basketball practice and these are taught during the individual post and perimeter breakdowns. The guards and the big guys will have to work on the designed actions of the offense when they are going through these practices. Well, the staff does a great job in teaching many things like the art of using the screen to attack the Kill Area of the floor and also keeping the defender off the line of the ball. The staff will also teach how to attack an aggressive hedge by the defense.

    There is a series of chair and shooting drills for the perimeter players. For the post players, the drop test series is being used. The jump hooks and the face up series are also used by the post players while they are attacking the basket with aggressiveness. Not only this, but they will also be working on a series of moves in order to enable them to score close the basket.

    Transition Offense & Offensive Drills

    The main focus of coach Showalter is on making the players play aggressively and strongly on each and every possession. He will also make the players focus on the amazing talent that they possess and he will help them unleash that talent with proper effort and drive to succeed at the highest of levels. There is a drill which is very useful in teaching you several important things like how to run the floor, how to create shots for everyone, the drill also focuses on communication amongst the players, and it also reinforces the importance of passing the ball. That drill is named The Hawkeye Shooting drill. Now when it comes to the 3-Man Fast Break drill and the Fast Break Cycle Work drill the coach Showalter will prepare the players in the best way possible which include physical and mental aspects.

    Man-to-Man: 20-Offense

    In order to attack the kill area of the floor, the USA team will make use of the wing pick and roll action. Now for the 20-offense the coach will give you a basic cover of the technique and will also see that the players must make coming off of the ball screens. Three of the more important things out of the 1-4 High Set are similar actions that will allow for post-up chances and the second is staggered screens and the last one is the false actions to occupy the defense. When the players will be on the floor, man-to-man offense will be focused in two separate scrimmages and this is how the offense begins to unfold.

    USA Basketball Practice Defensive Drills & Press Defense

    The USA coaching staff will also make the players realize the importance of separating themselves from the pack on the defensive end. Just to make that kind of mentality there are drills being applied to action for that purpose. When you are going through these practices sessions, there are different techniques and strategies being used to defend ball-screens, down screens, and flex screens are also covered and drilled in a 4-on-4 Shell Drill. Rent this USA basketball practice DVD set today.

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